Shooting Melbourne band Tragic Earth

So, after living up the other end of the street from the old Bradmill factory in Yarraville for nearly 10 years, I finally made it in there.

I had ordered an overcast day so that I could shoot the boys from Tragic Earth outside with off camera flash, but there was not a cloud in the sky and it was to be at midday (bad, bad, bad). At the very last minute, it was decided that Bradmill was the go instead.

This scungy place is pretty popular with film crews, photographers and random sightseers, and is fun to explore and crawl around its old machinery and warehouses. I read that it had been sold and knew that an estate was to be built there, so I think it’s lucky that anyone can still have access.

Tragic Earth are set to release their upcoming album ‘Hatred & Tolerance’ soon, and you can catch them at many a gig around Melbourne and beyond. Check their Facebook page for more news.  

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